Ztable not enough power to move

Machine: _K40

Board: _Cohesion3d

Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL-LPC? Smoothieware

Problem/ Question: _Got a Lightobject Ztable and I am adding it to my laser. This site has pretty good instructions as to how to config ztable to k40 with Cohesion3d board and I have followed all instructions over and over and my issue is Lightobject Ztable stepper does not have enough power to raise and lower table with mine. I have contacted Lightobject and they keep telling me that Cohesion board does not have enough power thru their board to powe their table. BULL CRAP

I have no issues running a Rotary Device that has the same or close to same spec stepper so I know that shouldnt be true. I can run stepper with no friction against the drive and it works fine but the instant I connect belt or put ANY friction to it, it just trys to move but sorta just sits and rocks back and forth. I can assis its movement with a little help but again I shouldnt have to.

Anyone have any suggestions other than a replacement stepper motor???

Why do you say “BULL CRAP”? Did they state in the specifications for the Z table what current was needed to drive that stepper motor? A typical K40 has 2 stepper motors with one being rated at 700-800mA and the other being rated at ~1,000-1,200mA.

What is the power rating of the power supply you are using to power your K40 and C3D AND Z-table?

Replaced stepper motor and all is good.

great! I had a rotary for my K40 I was trying to use on my Ortur LM1 and was having movement issues and spent way too many hours trying to figure out why and then I saw the 1.8A stepper motor in the rotary and 700mA motors on the Ortur. Switched to a 800mA motor on the rotary and problem “solved”.

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The LO Z Table is also known for binding due to how it is constructed.

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