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Just installed z table in my K40. Added min and max limit switched and created a macro for the min to perfect focal point. Pretty cool. The max works correctly when I use the M119 command in the concole, it goes to 1 when tripped. How do I set this up so when it go to 1, or tripped, it will stop. I want it to stop so not run into the frame of my bed no matter what it’s commanded to do.

What z table? I’m bought a lightobject table and am still trying to get it to move. Did you use the external driver? If I get it working I will try configuring a limit switch.

Paul I purchased a light object z table. The wiring was pretty simple, if you look at the light object web site (look at your z table you purchased there) at the bottom of the page you will see the wire designation for the color of wires on the stepper motor. They are labeled A+ A- B+ B- Then look at the bottom of your Cohesion3d laser board. The z terminations are A1 A2 B1 B2. Use + for 1 and - for 2. Simple

Thanks. I didn’t see the note on the lightobject z table page before. I re-wired a cable that goes from the motor to the 4 pin header. It still doesn’t move. I took the motor out so there is no load. I think coil A or B should be active when powered up so you shouldn’t be a able to turn it manually, but I can turn it.

I wonder if my config.txt file has problems.

I looked at the source code for endstops. It looks like they only used for auto home and won’t be a safety stop during operation. The FW knows when to stop, though, if you do an auto home. I could be missing something.

So far the only use for the motorized table is it focuses the laser when you tell laserburn the material thickness.

It took me an hour to look at the bottom of the board and then I found this :slight_smile: : Laserboard pinout or simplified schematic

Go here, might help Lightobject Z table
also like I said I created a macro and called it “Z home” so my z table will home to perfect focal point. I then add in material thickness in lightburn. The macro command is G28.2 Z

I tried using the lightobject cable just like you did and it worked!! My cable was wrong so taped my white connector next to the lightobject connector so I could follow the wires. I immediately saw my problem. My cable had pins 2 and 5 skipped just like my 3d printer motors. Lightobject skips 1 and 6. Thank you for your great help. I will delete my other post. I forgot it was a one man shop and searched for users instead and found you. A few one man shops here in Portland so I get it.

Just a bit busier the last week from the new rotary release and response time suffered as a result.

Are you all set Paul? If you need help please do not hesitate to ask.

I’m with you. I had zero responses from them after several attempts, and have it put aside to add when I get my new board installed. Frustrating experience.

A C3D Z table is next on the engineering list.
I’m not happy with the other options I see out there.
Just spent an inordinately large amount of time on the rotary, so need to get that “on the rails” first.

All set. You revived my old k40 that was gathering dust. I hope it didn’t look like I was complaining. I should have searched before posting a new topic is all.

I am excited for this - I almost bought the Lightobject one (despite its shortcomings) but now I’m going to wait and see what you come up with, because it’s almost certain to be better. Plus, I like supporting people who give a shit about doing something right - consider me to be order number 1 when that thing hits the shelves :slight_smile:

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