Z table limit switch type

have cd3 board going to install light object z table what kind of limit switch n.o or n.c and how to wire them to board

I would think it’s your choice on NO or NC but on the movement axis it is often thought a good idea to wire them up as NC configuration such that opening the switch on endstop trigger AND on broken wire is a good thing.

A very good idea for when you have a question is to go to the cohesion3d.com site and under Support then Documentation search for your question. I searched for “Z table” and look what I found:

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I also have a Lightobject Ztable that I am trying to setup with Cohesion. I am not really having much luck with it working,

Steve, sorry to hear. Where in the instructions I linked are you having the problem?

I got it figured out last night. Thanks

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