Z axis turn always in same direction

Machine: k40
Board: laserboard
Firmware: I have a new board but had to put the last firmware in it (smoothie cluster)

Problem/ Question: _installed an external stepper driver for Z axis with the cable provided by c3d. when I go in lightburn and press the Z up or Z Down button my motor turn in the same direction… everything is cabled according to the documentation found here in the forum. Any idea ? should I modify the config file ?
I use a DQ542MA stepper driver, a O.9° stepper nema 17 and an external power supply 24V 4A to power the stepper.

Post some pics of the wiring so we can have a look.

It sounds like the DIR signal may not be properly connected - start there and see what happens

Hi loather, wiring is according to the spec of c3d I used their cable connector. What is weird is the motor is turning but only in one direction if I press either up or down button…

Well that’s weird : I have unplugged the laserboard and now after power on again it’s working. But my lcd is not : see picture… It’s not the first time I have to reboot to get back the lcd or escape from lightburn stuck at 99%… I start to wonder if this board is reliable… or maybe it’s an old one as the firmware was from 2018 on the sd card. That’s very disapointing

That’s certainly very odd. I’ve never seen that behavior with mine (and I also run an external driver and LCD).

In any case, you’ll definitely want the cluster firmware:

Flash that - not only will you get a modest speed increase but it may very well fix the weird issues you’re seeing.

Good luck.

well did that already, was a bit surprised to have to update cos i bought the board 3weeks ago! you never had issue with your lcd? do you power the board before the laser or the other way?
Thanks for your help anyway

What is the lone red wire here used for? I am not aware of any of our documentation that says to do this.

Make sure that you have stripped all 6 wires from our signal cable before inserting them into the screw terminal block. We had one instance where the guy’s motor would never turn at all and it’s because one of the wires was not making contact. Worth checking this first :slight_smile:

Hello Ray,
This red wire is actually on the way of the camera but not plugged in, it’s a 5V input for a relay which I use to start air assist…
I’ve checked the wire and it’s working fine except my screen.
I’m building a Z table right now, but I manage to push back the PSU so it won’t be too close to the wires and will let you know if it’s working. Might have been a good idea to shield the ribbon of the lcd though?
Thanks for your help

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