Z axis and power supply connection

Board: I’ve recently installed the cohesion board to my k40 with external power supply as I’m using the external psu do I need to disconnect the 24v wire from the existing psu to the power connector
Also if I’m using a motorised z bed to I need an external driver board or can the stepper motor connector be plugged into the z axis on the cohesion board thanks guys any advice would be great

You leave everything connected to the PSU. The PSU for the board is rated for just the board and what’s connected to it.
As far as the z table it took me 3 days to figure that out. First you need to confirm what power it needs. Mine was fine at 1.2amps. So I plugged it directly into the cohesion board and changed the config file on the SD to 1.2amps. The documentation on this is good on the white paper that is on this site. If the stepper is a regular nema 17 it will probably work at 1.2amps. If it’s smaller try and 1.2 and see if it works without getting hot. If it’s bigger or needs more amps you will need a separate driver board.


Almost forgot the board can handle 1.2 but not more. So don’t put a higher number in there. And my k40 had the smaller steeper motors so I left the default values in the config for these and it works great.

Awesome thanks it’s just I was watching a YouTube video where the guy said if your using the cohesion external power supply then you need to disconnect the positive supply from the k40 psu to the cohesion board as you’ll have to supply feeding into the cohesion board and fry it
The cohesion documents doesn’t mention anything about this
So thought I’ll ask the question as I don’t want to fry the board

Maybe I got lucky…. I can take a pic of you need it?
But I did not want to put any additional load on the power supply with the board as I have a Z table in the mix. So it sounded like it would be close to the max amps. I used a relay for the air assist etc.
The core of that question would require a schematic if the power supplies are in parallel it will be fine. In series when using DC will be an issue lol. Best guess is they are parallel power supplies or else I would not have a functioning board right now.

I’ve just checked the installation guide again and it does show and explain the power connector to be connected from the k40 psu

I’ve no idea what that chap was talking about on YouTube

Here is the youtube link https://youtu.be/9PrlO7-683k

The Mini and the LaserBoard are 2 very different products. That video is for the older Mini. Simon is talking about how the current LaserBoard works. Pics help.

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