Y endstop location

Machine: Ten High, 40W 300x400 bed with 6 pin pwr connection m2 board

Board: LaserBoard,

Firmware: _Smoothie? “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question:
Currently the X direction endstop is 5mm from end stop contact I would like to change the 5 mm to 22mm so that the laser head will be 1mm From the edge of the honey comb frame and will away be in that position at start up. I try to change beta_min from 5 to 22 but that did not seem to work? Want to make Y 22mm from endstop contact my machine zero.

I install the the laser board last week and I’m really please with the performance! The old M2 board would slam into the end stops now the head move into to the endstops like a real CNC. The travel move are quiet and I can move the head around at about double of the original me. Also, the step motor holds the head at a stiffer force the the old M2 board.

Thanks for your time

I will need pics of your board, machine, and wiring, as well as of the endstop area you’re having the issue with, in order to to be able to understand the issue and assist you.

Ray, here are the pictures you requested…

Here is the board install:

Here is what I’m try to do

Basically I’m trying to position the head at start up (homing) approx 5mm to the left of the ruler, so, that my wood will be on the honeycomb surface.

Thanks, John

Indeed, I’ll use X for my example since we’re working in “positive coordinates” from 0 and it should be easier to explain. You say that you want your head to think it is 5mm to the right from reality with respect to the limit switch.

I’ll change:

alpha_min 0


alpha_min -5

Ray, thanks. alpha_min work for me.

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