Y axis wiring slightly different form X aixs

I have your standard K40 laser and have installed the Laserboard with little problems. Everything seemed alright til I check the operation of the Y axis. It’s reverse. Now what I’m going to ask is how I should change the wiring. This picular in the sense that the X and Y axises seem to have the same wiring except for 2 of the wires. Looking down from opening the lid on the board side of the machine the X axis is: White, Yellow, Blue and Red. On the Y axis it’s: Yellow, White, Blue and Red. Should I just swap the White and the Yellow? Seems odd since it worked fine under the Nano. Any replies will be appreciated.

Hi Michael,

Please provide pics of your machine, board and wiring.

Ensure that the origin in LightBurn is set to lower left. Check that all of your cables are attached properly. Lastly, the beta_dir_pin (around line 46) in your config file may need an exclamation added/removed at the end of the numeric value to reverse the stepper direction. Be sure to turn off the board before removing the SD card.

beta_dir_pin 0.11! # Pin for beta stepper direction (Y axis)

As to setting the origin to the lower left, is that where the laser will home at? Mine when I ran it with K40 Whisperer always homed to the back left in my machine. I would like to settle that as it’s “normal” home point. As to your suggestion about modifying the config file. Well that seem to solve my problem. As a note, the stop switches for X and Y are at the rear left. So that shall remain my home position. Otherwise the machine grinds and carries on til and error and then stops. Not very pleasant. I appreciate your reply to my question. Next project will setting up the camera. I bought the one Lightburn offered.

Great, glad you got it sorted. Origin is the lower front left and home is the upper back left. Check out this FAQ on Device Origin for more info.

The LightBurn camera is great addition! Check out this video and documentation for how to calibrate and align.

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Well things have really gone bizzare. After that setting bit in the config it work for a bit then went back to way it was. So I set the bit flag back to the original setting and now it’s been working since, strange behavior.

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