X, Y Axis Not Moving or Homing

Hi. I just adopted a K40 with a Moshiboard MS10105 (ribbon cable variant), which I’ve never tested due to the USB dongle missing. I replaced the stock board with a C3D Laserboard running the Smoothieware firmware that it shipped with.

From what I understand, on power up the stepper motors should home to the <0,0> position. However, the motors do not move at all. If you unplug and replug the C3D PSU you can hear a subtle bump from what I think is the Y-axis motor. I’ve also verified that the motors are powered to some degree because they become stiff and difficult to move when the system is powered, but I can move them easily by hand when the system is powered off.

Here are photos of my setup.

Any help would be appreciated!

I think you need to enable homing in LightBurn as the default in the device setup. What happens when you click on the home button in the laser move window?

It doesn’t home like the original Chinese board. You have to home with gcode via the USB serial terminal or in my case using the LCD.

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If you can make a video of the issue I think that would help me understand it better. Upload to youtube, set to public, and paste a link here.

I meant to reply earlier but my account was temporarily “on hold”. It’s not just a homing issue. Attempting to send move commands (via move gui or GCode console) or cut a shape doesn’t work either. Hitting the home or run button on light burn says something like “streaming completed”, “okay”, and then nothing happens.

Thanks. I’ve deleted the temp0 account, and I’ll upload some media tomorrow.

I removed the unused 24V and 5V blue wires from the set of blue wires in the first photo that were connected to the Moshi board power supply. I hope this helps.

The “lock” symptom when you first powered up is what would happen if no SD Card was present/ the board was not seeing it. L4 off confirms the board is not seeing the card.

  • Make sure the card is fully seated in the socket - light pressure only, but push it in some or try to take it out and put it in again - board/ power off while you do this.
  • Put the card in the computer and verify if you see a firmware and config file on it.

That was it! Turns out the SD card adapter that came with the board was DOA. I replaced it and everything started working. Thanks for the help!



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