X axis going wrong direction

Machine: _MLE 40 Spectrum Laser

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _I have installed the 3d board (not mini) and had problem but solved it myself. BUT now I need help on X going the wrong way. If I hit home it goes to upper right, If I reverse the x connector it goes home ok and stops but after printing a square it goes bottom left after done. If i use manual direction it does the same. Wrong way. Oritation is set bottom left. I have cut a square and after done it goes to bottom left. My home is top left…Every thing else works ok except I would like to have it start printing where I move the print head. Not sure if that is fesable like my old printer board. Limit switchs are good and operate as should. Tested them with ohm meter. Am using the firmware that comes with board. Anyone have a config that works with the MLE 40 that works?

I think the origin should be lower left, you mention lower right. That would reverse things.

Your right I edit it above as it was bottom left. Thats what I should have put in my post.

simple fix go to the move window position the laser where you want it to end and set finish position with the button in window and thats where the laser moves to when done

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Thanks for the answer on starting where to print. New to this software and need to learn but having problems with getting this new board to operate property.

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