X axis chatter or skipping

I installed cohesion3d in my k40 laser, followed install instructions and the first time I tried to move the gantry it seemed to chatter. After watching the u-tube videos I shut the system off and rebooted. It worked perfectly, smooth as silk. Shut it down for the night and the next morning the x axis started to chatter. This time nothing seems to work. Tried going through the config again on light burn but nothing. Made sure the origin was set right but it still chatters. It seems to travel to specified spot but its eating up the belt. Any suggestions to look at or try would greatly be appreciated. This is a video of the problem…https://youtu.be/Z3IwO-z5Los


Video is unavailable to view, please check it.

Video should work now…sorry
Yes I checked the end switches with the console and the M119 command and they are functioning correctly

Video still unavailable to me.

sorry for that Video should work now

sorry for that Video should work now

First, do a complete power cycle and then try to jog again.

I think you might have a loose contact on one of the wires in the X motor cable. You should investigate that.

You can also rule some things out by swapping the X and Y motor cables on the LaserBoard, and seeing where the problem follows.

I checked the connectors on both x and y and they seem fine. Swappped out x for y and y for x. The x axes worked fine plugged into the y socket and the y axes chattered plugged into the x socket. So it has to be one of two things, Software or the Cohesion3d board it’s self. I

By the way, thanks for your help

Wondering if the next step is to send this board back to you?

Interesting occurrences. This has been the week that all the electronics gremlins have decided to stick their noses out.

Let’s try to rule some more things out.

Try placing fresh files onto the memory card:

Try jogging again using the left/ right arrow buttons in LightBurn.

Same problem? Power cycle the board. Try sending this gCode: G0 X10 F600 The head should move right.

Same problem? Let’s try to increase the motor currents, alpha_current and beta_current on the board’s sd card config.txt are defaulted to something low like 0.4 or 0.6 and you can bump these up to 1.0. Save, safely eject, put the card back into the board, power up, and try the above steps again.

I followed your suggestions exactly and had no success. The x axis is doing the same chattering. New firmware and Config files, Commanded movements of y axis via Lightburn Move section went smoothly but the X axis is is chattering. Sent g code G0 X10 F600 and the head moved to the right with the same chattering. I had tried those changes to the Config files earlier in regard to the Alpha_current and they had no noticeable effect. Running out of things to try. I normally would of thought that the board got corrupted by stray voltage or something but this is a new machine and the laser has never even been fired. I figured I would get my Y and X axis’s working properly before going on to the Laser part. Now what???

Please send an email to info at cohesion3d dot com with reference to this thread, your order number, and shipping address so that we can work with you to resolve this.

Sent email and waiting for reply

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