X ax shifting to the left during engraving

Dear Laser community,

I own a Chinese 600x900mm 100W CO2 laser and have a lot of problems since I started to engrave photos on granite and on tiles.
The laserhead jumped sometimes a few mm to the left or right.

My equipment works with Lightburn in combination with a Cohesian laser board and Smoothieware.
After changing various settings in Smoothieware and checking the hardware, such as belt, attachment of the pulley and mounting of the laser head, I decided to upgrade the X-stepper motor with a type with higher torc and current and an external driver. (driver setting: 1.5A and 1/16 microsteps)
After upgrading the problem was pretty much the same :frowning:
But now I have an even stranger problem…
When I engrave characters, the x -position shifts ‘nicely’ to the left from the beginning to the end of the process.
The character A almost looks like a cursive character.
To show this issue, I made the following sequence; burnt a circle, fill & line character ‘A’ and burn a smaller circle in the middle of the first circle.

The shifted x-axis is only visible when using horizontal fill (0 degrees) and almost not when fill with 90 degrees; vertical fill.
I couldn’t solve this problem and don’t want to remove the stepper motor and replace the stepper motor again with the old one.

I hope someone can advise me or help me solve this problem…

Thank you very much for all your responses…

If you find let me know I have the same issues

Hi Jim,
Sure, I will post my solution when I find it.
What type of stepper driver did you attach to the laserboard?
I attached a Chinese equivalent of the TB6600.
I guess that we are not the only one who attached a stepper driver to the board…

Hi Jim,

I received a solution from the Lightburn forum.
See link: https://forum.lightburnsoftware.com/t/after-upgrading-x-axis-stepper-and-external-driver-x-axis-shifts-to-left-during-aser-proces/110723/7