Wrong homing direction

Machine: K40 Laser

Board: LaserBoard Cohesion 3D (2021)

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question:

Hi guys,
so I have a problem with my K40.
When I try to home the laser, the head runs in the direction of the lasertube and to the right side where it crashes into the wall until I shut down the machine. The y-axiy direction is right, but the x direction failed.

I’ve tried all four homing origins, but it always tries to home at the right but there is no end stop.
I have tried to change the config file into alpha_homing_direction home_to_max but then the x-axis is not moving.

Looking forward for your answers!
Good day :slight_smile:

Hi Lorenz,

Please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring with the LaserBoard connected. We need to see how and where everything is connected.

Home is different than the Device Origin. Your origin should be set to the front left if you have a standard K40 machine.

Setting the alpha homing direction to max will make the head move to the far right on the X axis. You want alpha homing direction to be set to home to min (the far left of the bed) and beta homing direction to be set to home to max (the back of the bed). For a visual: Setting Up the Correct Bed Size

When you press the arrows on the Move panel in LightBurn, is the head moving in the correct direction?

Up (goes back)
Right (goes right)
Down (goes towards the front)
Left (goes left)

Hi there,
so every AC consumer (fans, transformer, board power supply, waterpump etc.) is connected in parallel.
I’m only using the factory standard end stops.
The alpha and beta homing is already set like this.

When I’m standing in front of the lasercutter and press the moving arrows:
Up (away of me)
Right (goes left)
Down (to me)
Left (goes right)

I did the setup for bed sizing.

Thank you for your quick response!
The forum says “Sorry, new users can not upload images.”
Link to OneDrive folder: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgmqRsdnETPOiZlhIjI2kFV7NCLk9A?e=imzmns

Allright I solved it, I changed the alpha_dir_pin to 0.5!
works now :slight_smile:

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