Writing my own code for LaserBoard?

(Rick M) #1

Hi. Is the USB comm protocol for the LaserBoard documented anywhere? I’d like to write my own software to control it (and the attached laser). I was looking at the K40 Whisperer source code to see what I could glean from that, but I’m not sure if the LaserBoard presents as an M2 Nano, or what.


(Anthony Bolgar) #2

Look up streaming Gcode to a Smoothieboard or GRBL device. The Laserboard accepts Gcode, and uses Smoothieware or Grbl as the firmware. But why reinvent the wheel when LightBurn is available for $40.00 ?


As Anthony says, LaserBoard presents as a USB device with a serial COM port.

We heavily recommend LightBurn Software but you can try other software, CAM, or writing your own gCode. A few people have asked about the format before so that they can use CNC CAM software, and sure enough I’ve written a post processor to be able to cut from Vectric Aspire, but that was a long time ago before the days of LightBurn.

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