Would a Cohesion3D board work with CL6040T?


After playing around with a desktop laser engraver I wanted to upgrade to a bigger one, so bought the CL6040T (details in dutch here: https://www.cncworld.nl/co2-laserplotter-50w-cl6040t-p-190.html).

When I installed everything and tried to play with it with my friend LightBurn it didn’t work!
The seller told me to fix this I needed to replace the panel with a RuiDa panel, add a steppenmotor and change the PSU, which would cost over $1000.

So after some searching I found your product, Cohesion3D! It looks like exactly what I need!

Here are some images with info about the laser:

I am now very curious whether it will work with this laser.

Thanks a bunch for reading this, have a good day! :rainbow:


Hi Erik,

Standard answer: it looks like a bigger K40, the wiring should match, but you’ll need to tune the board for your larger machine.

Review this:

Good morning Ray!

Love standard answers, makes it sound like it’ll work :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer! have a nice day


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