Wiring the laser power supply, do I need it?

Machine: K40

Board: Laserboard full size

Firmware: Laserboard stock

Problem/ Question: After wiring my laserboard the same way as this:

I see that the 24V power supply for the laser is unused. It has 2 orange wires coming off the power supply that now go nowhere. Is this correct? I can provide more pictures if needed.

Also, will I need the controls on the top of the laser anymore? Current indication, current regulation, laser switch, test switch? I’m sure I’ll need the on/off switch of course.
Thanks in advance.

I should mention, I’m also installing the LCD panel control, which is why I’m asking about the old control features.

You are correct the 24V from the laser power supply is not needed as it is being supplied by the laserboard power brick.

If you have the analog meter you should keep it as well as the pot for setting max current. They are important for the longevity of your tube.

Please show pictures of the panel and the wiring.

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Can you post more photos? There is a specific way the board has to be wired when dealing with a Moshi board conversion and I can walk you through it, but need photos of everything, both power supplies and a better angle of the board.

The last picture shows the new board without the fire and ground hooked up, but it has been connected since. I used a multimeter to confirm ground on one of the yellow/green wires and connected that to ground, and the other to fire. I hope that’s correct, I won’t be connecting the machine to power until I’m reasonably sure it’s right. Thank you Cliff and Jamie for your help.

You can let the 24v from the stock supply dangle or remove it from the connector altogether, but the ground wire must be connected or the laser won’t fire. You can use any ground coming from the stock LPSU since they are all tied in together, but the one next to the 24v out is the best choice since you already have a wire for it.

I can do that.
I saw on another Moshisoft board you recommended that the laserboard PCB should be completely isolated from the K40 frame. Is that still true? Seems like it would be the same ground as the one I’m connecting from the Laser PSU. For simplicity in the housing, I’d rather get rid of the LPSU and connect a ground from the main PSU. Is that acceptable?

To clarify things:

You still need your LPSU to run the laser. You do not need to use or do anything with the 24v psu on the side shown here.

You do need to run L and Gnd from the LPSU, as you did there with the green and yellow wires. I would recommend using a multimeter to trace where each of those wires goes to on the LPSU and comparing to a diagram of that LPSU to confirm you got it right.

The LaserBoard does not require isolation. That should be all. Everything looks fine in that pic, as long as you confirm the green and yellow wires are correctly routed.

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Maybe I’m confusing the two PSU’s? The smaller one on the top of that last picture is doing nothing right now. The top three wires are jumpers from the larger PSU for 110V. The orange wires are not connected and there’s nothing else connected to give it a job. That’s the one I’d like to remove if it’s unnecessary .

This is presumably a 24v one. For your reference, most K40’s do not come with this. We are not going to use this because the C3D has its own power brick.

The big blue one is the LASER PSU or LPSU. We are definitely going to use that.

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You only need two wires running from the LaserBoard to the laser power supply. You have a type 1 power supply, so the plug interface is slightly different, but in the same order.

You need these two wires going to the laser power supply and nothing more. If that silver power supply on its side is doing nothing, you can remove it or use it for lighting etc.

The ground isolation you are referencing was probably for the Mini version. There have been reports of situations where a ground imbalance caused damage. The LaserBoard doesn’t have this problem, but don’t connect it to the chassis, the only ground you need is the one shown.

Oh good! That’s exactly how I have it wired. Thanks so much for your help!
I’ll add pics to this thread when I’m done tidying up so that others can see.

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