Wiring for cable to onboard driver on the Laserboard

I like to have the pinout for the Z and A connectors that are for the on board drivers. I’ve been told that for the Z table I have, the onboard driver is sufficient.

It sounds like you’re asking for a pinout diagram for the external driver connections. Here is a layout showing how the external connectors are laid out on the LaserBoard.

There are no changes needed to the config file if you connect your drivers to the headers as shown here.

This is what I needed. I bought a z table and the seller only provided for the motor end of the connection plus it was far too short of cable section to make it to the board. So I needed the info so I could wire a patch to that short section and have it wired correctly. Btw, what does the number indicate? The seller gave markings for the plus and minus. So what does 1 and 2 refer to?

Can you clarify? Maybe give a picture of what you are asking about. Where are you seeing 1 and 2?

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Where on the image it is refering to the Z axis and it shows A1 A2 B1 B2. In reference to the motor wiring I have they refer to A+ A- and B+ and B-. So what polarity are the A and B pins in the image? The stepper connections.

A1 would be positive, B1 would be positive, as far as I know. If the motor turns the wrong way, then reverse A1 and A2.

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Thanks for the replies. Very nice of you all, :smile:


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