Wiring diagram for 6040 M2nano 60w Laser

Hello all Laser enthusiasts :slight_smile:
I hope you all doing well :slight_smile:

I checked multiple sections on the forum and documentations but still not 100% sure. I would like to upgrade to cohesion board which I recently received from standard m2nano in my laser machine.

As a newbie, I thought that will be better to let someone with more expertise have a look at my diagram before I attempt any changes.

Have a couple of questions and pictures to show.

  1. can I power cohesion board from the 24V power supply that my machine came with instead of the additional board supply? I can see that board got screw terminals in the top left corner marked as the main pwr in
  2. do I need to plug this huge withe plug with 24v, 5v and gnd if I would like to connect to the screw terminal instead?
  3. I assume that cohesion board doesn’t have a test laser button so this needs to be installed separately, am I right?

Can you check if my wiring diagram is right please? (after I will be allowed to upload photos)

Thank you in advance for every single piece of advice.

Have a great evening
Cheers Wojciech

Hi Wojciech,

Welcome to the forum! I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload photos.

Please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring.

We prefer that our power supply be used. Please read why here: Cohesion3D Power Supply

We typically recommend keeping the existing connections from the stock setup if they are compatible with the board. However, this is possible. See our LPSU Guide for more information.

The board does not have a test button, but you can send GCode commands via the LightBurn console to test.

What type of endstops / limit switches do you have on your machine? Photos will be helpful.

For the configuration changes to dial in the physics for your machine size, review our Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide.

Dear Starla,
Thank you very much for upgrading my account. Please have a look at the pictures attached. I have a standard m2 nano board with a ribbon that’s power x-axis and end-stops.
I have a laser power supply with 6 points and additional 24v power supply inside my laser machine.

I attached my planned wiring diagram in attached as well. Thank you in advance

I also attached a photo of my machine with panel - I think its a standard cheap machine version :slight_smile:
I think I have standard contact - click limit switches with nema17 motors
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Wojciech,

Thanks for your patience while I looked over this.

For your wiring diagram, you will need a couple of modifications.

  • While the existing 24V power supply might work, it is not something we would recommend or support. Again, we really prefer the board to have its own clean source of power to help prevent interference issues. If you have connectivity issues or dropouts, the first thing we are going to ask is to plug the power supply into its own outlet.
  • X & Y Axis looks good.
  • WP shorted to G looks good.
  • Potentiometer looks good. Instructions: Installing the Potentiometer
  • Do not connect WP to the LaserBoard at all. The black wire trace you have connected from Laser Ground to WP should be connected to G on the LPSU end. Please refer to our 2 Pin Installation Guide for instructions on your type of board.
  • The test fire button circuit would be wired to TL and G (not WP) at the LPSU end.

Dear Starla,
Thank you very much for your reply.
I understand you don’t recommend powering laser board from anything else apart from power block supplied but is it possible to connect through the top left screw connectors to the power supply that will meet specifications like 24V and max 4Amp?

Please check new attached wiring diagram - just to make sure I get everything right.

Thank you in advance for all of your support.

Kind regards

Hi Wojciech,

Yes, this is possible.

Everything looks good in the diagram now.

Dear Starla,

Thank you very much for your help and clarification. Much appreciated.

Kind regards

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