Wiring Air Assist C3D Mini

Machine: Custom 80 watt

Board: C3D MINI

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Hello everyone , sorry if I ask a stupid question and maybe already treated but looking I did not find anything specific.
I own a c3d mini and would like to use the automatic air assist feature present in lightburn… is it possible to do that? if possible how can I make the links and possibly what changes to the config file should I make? I’d like to use it by attaching it to a 24-V electrovalve.
Thanks to those who can help me.

Check the config file on the memory card for a section called fan switch with M106 to turn it on and M107 to turn it off. LightBurn uses these commands to turn air on and off.

Consult the C3D Mini pinout diagram to identify possible pins to use:

As I recall, the default fan pin is 2.6 which is “MOSFET3” in the top right corner. This is small. You can alternatively rename it to 2.7 which is a larger FET along the bottom row. Do not use 2.5 as that is controlling your laser. If you are attaching an inductive load like a solenoid valve or relay, you need to add a flyback diode across the legs, verify how much current this device will take, and make sure the C3D is powered from an external psu.

To be more safe, I would probably get an external mosfet module and control it from the signals of one of these on board FETs, and that way you can control and power the solenoid/ relay from a completely separate side.

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