Will the CS3 work with my unit?

I have a Full Spectrum Pro Series 24 with a 90watt tube. FS has told me that the control board is out (after a month of troubleshooting). They have advised that i ship the entire unit to them for replacement. I would like to fix it without spending $2,500. Will the C3D controller work with this unit? If so, are there other pieces that I will need to add along with the board?

Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to the forum! I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload photos.

Please provide clear pictures of your control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring. We need to see how and where everything is connected.

The important question regarding compatibility is what controller your machine has.

Read more about using a digital panel and PWM Control: https://cohesion3d.com/knowledgebase/cohesion3d-pwm-control-and-potentiometer-vs-digital-panel/

We also recommend reading our Buyer’s Guide to understand what you will need: https://cohesion3d.com/cohesion3d-laserboard-buyers-guide/

Note that we always encourage our customers to have a tinkering and problem solving mindset to be able to work through the learning curve and any unexpected challenges that can come up, so it’s good to keep this in mind.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you Sharla for your reply!
I have uploaded pictures of the electronics and driver. It looks as though there are external axis drivers that have their own power source. The big black box is the LPSU. Also added pictures of the stepper motors. Please let me know if you need pictures of any other compoments.

Thank you again,

Thanks for the photos, Jennifer. This should be possible with some rewiring and connection updates.

Start here for an overview of a conversion with a similar FSL board and the second post for other items you might need:

Your laser power supply (LPSU) looks to have a similar set up to the Higher Power supply in our LPSU Guide. Cross check the board labels to see if they match.

For the configuration changes to dial in the physics for your machine size, review our Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide. Power down the machine and remove the SD card and make sure it’s off when you reinsert it.

The endstop wiring is covered in that first post, but there is more information here, depending on your model: Installing Endstops / Limit Switches

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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