Will cohesion 3d work in this engraver?

Hi all, I am new to laser engraving and traded for this machine. It is older but only supposed to have 30 hours on it. I would like to upgrade the board so i could run lightburn. The newlydraw 1.5 software is driving me insane and does not let me do what i want. . The only number i can get off the board is V8.1.
I have tried to attach photos but not allowed

I have been upgraded so here are some pics.


Hi Scott,

Welcome to the forum! We’ve seen a few people attempt installation with similar types of boards.

Can you also provide pictures of your LPSU and tell us where each of these wires traces from the board?

We want to compare what you have installed to the known laser power supplies. Check out our LPSU Connection Guide for more information.

It sounds like the machine is working as it is now, but you’re not happy with the software? Since your machine is older, you’ll want to keep in mind that tubes can degas over time and the power supply may not be capable of handling PWM properly. These are things you may need to consider replacing if the performance is not up to par.

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Let’s start here and then we’ll work our way through any other questions you have.

Thanks for the quick reply Starla. And you are right, the machine runs fine but one stepper motor makes a sound starting up. So i imagine that is going crap out soon. I would be far better off buying a new k40 and putting the cohesion in it. I will have fun running this one until it quits. Thank you very much for your help and your guides. I now know pretty much what every wire does.

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FWIW I had a machine with the same board in and I replaced it with a C3D board a few months ago.
It seemed to work but then I noticed a severe drop in cutting power and I wasn’t sure exactly when this occurred ie after or at the same time as I swapped the bored.
I became confused, determined, depressed, determined again and then finally gave up.
I’m going to have another go at it soon though!
Sorry to be so little help!

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