Why cohesion board?

(Scott Howell) #1

I have Ruida currently and I have no complaint. But I wouldn’t know what I’m missing. Can you give me a brief comparison so I might understand what features I might like to consider?

If this is out of line, I apologise and request it be removed.

Thank you!

(Caleb Chico) #2

I’m sure Cohesion will reply at some point but to be honest I don’t think you should move away from a Ruida controller to a Cohesion LaserBoard unless you need to use XYZ and A. Ruida as far as I can tell does not have a true A axis (rotary) so you have to disconnect the Y cable from the microcontroller and connect the the rotary bypass cables to the same driver. The U axis that Ruida has cannot work as a rotary as far as I have gathered.

The software LightBurn works with Ruida controllers which lets you add camera functionality in addition to being far far superior to the provided RDWorks.

Cohesion LaserBoard is a great upgrade if you have a nano board on a k40 and other machines but as far as functionality I don’t think you will gain much from switching from a Ruida controller but I’m curious though to see if anyone else has another opinion.

(John Blair) #3

I don’t have a Ruida board, I had an M2Nano. The top reason to upgrade was to use Lightburn (which works with a Ruida Board), so that doesn’t apply to you. The other two major benefits for me is the Trinamic drivers (so much quieter) and PWM. I don’t know if Ruida has either of those, but those are the main hardware benefits for me.


Caleb and John have provided great responses.

Mine is: “No need to fix what isn’t broken.” :slight_smile:

C3D has a few unique features like streaming jobs so no set max size (unlike Ruida which stores jobs and has a 128MB or 256MB controller memory limit), native rotary support (on Ruida you have to unplug the Y motor and plug the rotary motor into that.

On the flip side, Ruida is faster and has a few more industrial features that the C3D does not.

And yes, C3D LaserBoard has embedded Trinamic stepper drivers which are amazingly smooth and quiet, but all DSP’s including Ruida only feed step, direction, and enable signals to external drivers for larger, higher power motors in bigger machines (the C3D can drive those too, but worth noting this difference).

Since you can already use LightBurn with your laser, I don’t have to sell you anything.

(Scott Howell) #5

Thank you for the incredible insight, from all responders. I’m very interested in building, so I am certain this will be the direction I go for building my own… In the meantime, I’ll carry on with my current controller… Thanks again!

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