Which must have upgrades

Hi, I have purchased a K40 laser machine, but before I start using it I would like to know what the ‘must’ have upgrades are.
Of course the 3 Cohesion board. But what about stepper motors and air assist.If I want to swap out the stepper motors what extra do I need to get them running? Thanks in advance.

This isn’t really the best place to be asking about general mods for a k40. I’m going to move this post out of the pre sales and into the community area.

Air assist is a must for the vast majority of work done.

An improved extractor is also recommended as the supplied ones are generally useless if not verging on dangerous.

I’d say the controller upgrade and those makes a solid base for working out what you want to do with the laser.

Other requirements you might have will appear and cha he over time as you learn what can and cannot be achieved using the laser.

For more great general laser and maker chat have a look at https://forum.makerforums.info

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Air assist is a must as far as I’m concerned. It’s not only an aid in cutting, it doubles as a safety feature, which isn’t 100% guaranteed to keep it from flaming, but helps to reduce the possibility.

As for the stepper motors, why would you like to swap them out? If you did decide to swap them, besides needing the stepper motors, you would need the pulleys to go with it since the stock ones are pressed on. And if you were going to do that, why not upgrade the belts to GT2? If you are buying a Cohesion3D, you can easily change the steps in the configuration file. But for now, I would just buy the C3D, get air assist and become familiar with operation and then decide if you still want the motors changed. They aren’t a high priority item.

Cohesion3D sells high quality mirrors that are about the toughest you can get for a K40 in the optics section. The stock ones aren’t very good and people find they don’t last long.


If you’d like to keep some spare wheels as a backup, Cohesion3D now sells those as well, among other things!


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