Which board?

Machine: K40

Board:C3D Old?
Firmware: Smoothie written on the board
Problem/ Question: I am still using the original PSU. Board lights up but the steppers does not move. I can see it is ready on Lightburn but the Laser upgrade was bought 2 years ago and I don`t have any more documentation with the board.

Do You have any ideas?

A wiring diagramme for adding a 24V power (which I have) would also be good

Hi Alf, you’ve got a Cohesion3D Mini, which is our older board. It should still work fine for you, though it will be slightly different from the newer LaserBoard.

If you have the board plugged in via USB it will receive power to turn on the LEDs, but not power the steppers. That power will need to come from a 24v power supply.

Originally the Mini was meant to be powered by 24v from the LPSU, but we found that many laser power supplies were insufficient in providing the needed power, so we do recommend an external 24v power supply, and we carry one as an upgrade option.

Here’s a guide to walk through using our 24v power supply with the Mini:

While the Mini does say “Smoothie” on it, once you get things working it may be worth checking out the Improved Raster Speed Firmware Update for Cohesion3D Boards post. But that should be second to getting the power issue sorted and making the motors move.

Also, I just noticed, there’s no Micro SD card in the board… was it just not inserted when this photo was taken?

Thanks for your help! I did buy this a long time ago and I did forget that there was a micro SD card with the package. Installed now and it`s alive :slight_smile:


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