Where is the Mass storage device and config file found

Machine: K40 with Lihuiyu Studio Labs

Board: Cohesion3D Laser board

Firmware: _Smoothie "I have a new board with a Graphic LCD control panel

Problem/ Question: _I received the control board and was excited to install it and start cutting.
The wiring was extremely simple. I just unplugged the board that came with the K40 and replaced with the Cohesion3D Laser board without a hitch. I inserted the SD card that came with the board. When I applied power, the lights flashed as described in the install instructions. New COM port appeared in device manager and is connected.

The only problem is the lack of any new mass storage devices in “My Computer” . I see my standard drives (A, C, D, E, K, CD drive V, CD Drive W, X,Z and mapped drive F.

Question: How do I access the config fiile on the SD Card?

The LCD Display is otherwise working and I have inserted a new SD card in it but i am also unable to access that SD card. What is the SD card on the LCD for and how do I access it?

I am able to run LightBurn and I am engraving away. This card is so smooth that I almost have to look in the machine to make sure it is running.

Last question: Where do I find a description for the pinout and jumper configuration for the board?

Here you go.

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mass storage device capability was intentionally disabled to prevent com errors, etc… you will need to remove the SD card and use a card reader on your PC to access and edit the files

As far as the SD card slot on the GLCD display… it is not a part of the equation and should not be used.

Thank you for your quick response.