Where in circuit do I install the milliamp meter? Does the 3D board run Z axis? Need Pinout for Home

Machine: Morphorn K-40 with extensive shipping damage, I hope they didn’t ship it this way…
Board: The Cohesion3D board about a month old or less.

Firmware: _Smoothie with some questions

Problem/ Question:

  1. I learned that I need a real milliamp meter instead of the %power digital display. That is fine, but where on the board do I connect such meter, potentiometer. schematics seem to be obscure.
  1. Since a “New” board is out, communications concerning the 3D board running a small rotary table is confusing. Does it run one without an expensive external motor driver?
  2. The X Home switch was destroyed by problems in the gantry, due to the mentioned shipping damage. I need to replace the switch with a) the optical switch that came with it, or b) a mechanical normally closed switch compatible with the 3D.
  1. since it will now be coming off the board instead of the ribbon, I need the pinout for the pins on the board. I have unplugged the damaged switch from its ribbon and now the unit does not home.

I have, with great difficulty, resolved the other problems and have a fine working laser. Possibly Mophorn had to dump a bunch of these defective ones, I just saw them on a site for $69.00


You do not connect a current meter to the LaserBoard, that is done on the ground wire going to the output mirror end of the tube, not the red one. The red wire is high voltage and can be fatal.

A mechanical switch is my favorite way to go since there are not as many things to go wrong. It will connect to the signal and ground only. You’ll need a three prong end connector that C3D sells. You can leave the ribbon on and just remove the optical piece.

You do not need an expensive stepper motor.

This is the connector for the X-MIN

This is how you put a wire on. With a mechanical switch and since you’re running the wires directly to the board and bypassing the ribbon, you don’t need to worry about which wires on the switch you use.

Place them in the socket exactly as shown.

Here are two examples of how the wires should look in the connector.

You will place it as shown here, the right plug.

Fantastic, thank everyone for the help. On the issue with the ground wire from the laser tube, it is easily accessible on the front left of the power supply that came with my unit. Now the problem for me was finding the relationship between the digital panel and the actual tube current.

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