What Lightburn license is needed

So I currently have a large format diode laser that I built myself and am looking at the possibility of upgrading it and converting to a CO2 tube. My diode laser is running a Woodpecker GRBL 1.1 board, so I am also looking to switch controllers. My question is, what Lightburn license is needed for the Cohesion board? I currently have a licensed cpy of lightburn that I use with my diode laser. Do I need the more expensive license that is needed when running a ruida controller, or will my current license that I use with my diode laser work?

You will not need a DSP license for the Laserboard as it is a GCode machine. Your existing license will be fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. Now I have to look at what mods I need to do to my existing setup to mount the laser tube, mirrors and laser head.

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