What is the White splitter cable for?

Just installed the cohesion mini on my k40.
I have a white splitter cable left.
what is that for?

Depending on which version it is, some of the items here may also apply to you.

You should look into which board version you have like if it says v2.2 or v2.3 anywhere, or doesn’t say anything at all.

Machine: _K40 M2 Nano.
Board: _Mini
Firmware: _Smoothie
Installed the Cohesion Board.All power and lights are working.
In light burn i try to find laser on auto.Nothing comes up.
Tried it manually and choose smoothie option from the list.
Completed the setup options.
But Light burn says Laser disconnected.
I also tried it on Win7 But the driver wont install.
All wires are good.
I followed the installation guide all the way.
Any Input would be great thanls.

Please be an active participant in your own support by providing all the information we ask for so that we can properly help you.

I have even added this info here as a friendly reminder:

Machine: _K40

Board: _Mini with sd card
Firmware: _Smoothie
Running win 10 64.
Installed the Cohesion mini ok,all lights are working.
In Light burn i tried to find the laser on auto and nothing found.
Done it on manual,chose smoothie from the list.Went through the settings menus that followed.
Lightburn says Laser disconnected.
Tried several times to no avail.
I also tried with Win 7 but the driver will not install on that version either.
I followed the steps in the installation guide also.
When i plug in the usb from the laser my comp auto opens the sd card with config files, so it is readin that ok.
any info will be good.

I see now,that cable is for the endstops if you don’t have the ribbon cable. Thanks.

Hi Chris,

We’ve combined all of your posts into this one topic so we can provide support.

We really do need to see photos of your board and wiring, and you will need to let us know which board version you have, like if it says v2.2 or v2.3 anywhere, or doesn’t say anything at all.

Thanks pete.I was confused a bit with the forum format.
I will take some pictures after work today thanks.

here are the pictures.:

here is my device manager for the Win7 Laptop.:

Device manager Win 10 Laptop:

Thank you.

Also the LEDS are Correct colurs and flashes when connected.

Hi Chris, thanks for the photos. I’ll try to list a few things I’m seeing based on the information you’ve provided.

In the first photo I can see the large connector with a black wire on the top and a green wire on the bottom. Are you able to get a picture of all the wires (and colors) and another picture of where those wires go to? (They should go to the LPSU that powers the laser tube. Please get a clear photo of the labels where the wires connect.)

In the second photo I see that the board is mounted with metal hardware. For the Mini we recommend using plastic hardware, as the K40 is notorious for having grounding issues, and plastic hardware helps isolate the board from those issues.

Next, for Windows 10 no driver should be needed to connect to the board. Take a look at the post linked below and see how it compares to what you are seeing on your computer. If you’ve installed driver on Windows 10 they should be removed.

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