What is the right size Transformer for my LPSU?

Machine: Custom

Board: C3D Laser Board

Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question:

I have a custom Built Laser machine, There is currently a 220v LPSU installed, due to a mix up i was sent this one instead of the 110v.
in order to make this functional i borrowed the step up transformer that had come with my K40 (my other machine)

I no longer have the K40, and the transformer went with it.
So i need to buy a new one. I COULD just buy and equivalent transformer (cause it seemed to do the job) but i would like some feedback to make sure it is properly sized, and not holding back the LPSU

The only reason im questioning if the transformer is undersized, is that it came with my K40, and my new machine has a bigger LPSU and bigger laser tube. so perhaps it might make sense i also need larger than a 3000VA transformer.

My current LPSU
Product Page


The Transformer im thinking of buying
Amazon Link

The old transformer that came with my K40 (which seemed to work fine with my current LPSU)

and im not sure if this is relevant or helpful, but here is a pic of the LPSU in the K40 that the YH-3000VA transformer was used with

For anyone whos in the same boat, I contacted CloudRay laser, and their Tech said that the 3000VA transformer I had selected was good enough.
I have purchased it, and begun installing it.

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