What is the acceleration at 800 mm /s

What is the acceleration at 800 mm / s, because I can’t calibrate the image because it shifts individual lines. The engines are powerful enough.

Hi Tomaz,

Your speed limitation will be dependent upon many factors. What type of machine are you on? Please update your profile to include your laser machine model. Take a look at mine as an example for the type of information we need to help support you.

If you are on a stock K40 machine, going faster than 300-350 mm/s, you may encounter physics issues unless you have made some modifications to your laser to allow it to handle the force of the movement. The Nema 23 stepper motors and external drivers will help with that somewhat. You can also adjust your max speed, acceleration, motor current, among other settings in the configuration.

In a prior post, you showed your config file to have both alpha and beta max set to 200 mm. Is that your actual work area size? Please post a new version of your config.txt file so I can take a look.

At a certain point, your machine is not going to go any faster. Try slowing down and testing at 50, 100, 200, 300 mm/s, etc., and gradually increase until you determine what your machine limits are.

Review our Cluster post for more information: Improved Raster Speed Firmware Update for Cohesion3D Boards!

Are you vector or raster engraving? If you can provide a screenshot (no cell phone pics, please) of your full LightBurn work area and the layer settings for the file you are working with, that will help us give you a path to follow.

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