What is Stepper Motor importance?


I would like to know what is the importance of stepper motor?

The machine can work withou it, so I really do not know for what it is neeeded.

The stepper motors are what move the laser head around. They are absolutely needed, and every laser unit has them. Not clear what you’re asking. Do you need to add steppers to your existing laser? No. As long as your laser has steppers that are within the drive capacity of the controller board, no problem. If not, then you will need to do some more work. If you’re adding a Z table, it also has a stepper motor that can be driven by the controller.

Hi Bill,
I made wrong question, sorry for that and appreciate yout answer
My question is about stepper driver.
What is stepper driver purpose?

The external stepper drivers are only required if you have a larger machine that uses stepper motors that draw more current than the drivers built into the board are capable of. Powered Z beds also usually require an external driver due to the size of the stepper motor.

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