What are these pins for on the LaserBoard?

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: GRBL-LPC

Reference Image:

  1. What are the different air assist pins for? I see a screw header (Green Circle), and a Pin Header (Dark Green Circle). Do they both have the same function?

  2. What are the two tactile buttons (Red Circle) and the pin headers (Yellow Circle) behind them for?

  3. What is the alternate pwm pin header for? (Blue circle)

  4. What is the purple circle headers for?

  5. What is the pink circle headers for?

  1. Air assist is explained in detail here: LaserBoard Air Assist Control

  2. These are the Kill and Reset Buttons. Kill will halt the board on Smoothie Firmware, I am not sure it does anything on GRBL-LPC. The reset button will reset the board for both firmwares.
    Both buttons have a header behind them with the same connections - so that you can hook up an external “big red button” for the same functionality.

  3. Alternate PWM Out is a level shifted 0 - 5v signal for some laser control scenarios. It is not needed for the default wiring we recommend on the typical Chinese CO2 lasers, we use the L to ground via opto firing approach and leave the pot in play.

  4. Purple headers are not used and on the 2nd batch of boards are no longer populated.

  5. Pink circle selects the 5v source that powers the board - either the USB Cable or the 24v --> 5v regulator in the board. The latter is default and preferred.

The main thing I can suggest is to not change anything without asking first, we can guide you if you need to use these things but most users will not.


Thanks for the quick reply!
I’m just trying to learn and understand.

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