Welcome to our new forum!


With Google+ going away, and the Facebook Group becoming increasingly difficult to manage, we needed to make a new, real forum for support and the Discourse platform is amazing!

We hope you’ll enjoy the cleaner organization of this new forum, and I know I’ll be enjoying the better administrative features and functionality.

The forum is brand new, so it might take a little while to fill in as we try to move people over.

Let us know of any feedback or issues.

And last but not least, Welcome!


I’m verry glad you guys came up with this forum. Since i don’t have a FB account, and google+ getting less active. I’m hoping i can pick up my laserboard at the post office this afternoon.


We need to get all the FB members over here but they seem to be a little less willing than most.

Hope all goes well with you Laserboard, you won’t be disappointed in in.

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Looking forward to this becoming BIG. Hoping to see people show off there laser upgrades and builds!

Hi all!

I’m really enjoying this compared to facebook. It’s just a lot nicer for organising things and searching for useful info.
Just better all round for the technical chat.

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