Website Down, can not log into account to check order


I have ordered my new board 10 days ago, I have not received any information on shipping as of yet. It appears that your website is now down and I can not log in to it. Please advise how much longer it will be until boards get sent. Thank you.

Yeah me too. Is this company still running?

Me too. Im lookig at other options incase i don’t get my order

I’m in the same boat. Place an order on the 15th and haven’t heard anything since then. I understand that the 15th is Saturday, and not considered a working or shipping day. But I’m getting concerned. The forum doesn’t seem to be too active, the last Facebook post was in 2021, and the message about "we are down a support person, order processing may take 1-2 days longer " has been around for a while too (2021 also i think)

If we don’t get any updates soon I’m inclined to cancel my order for a refund and go with the mini grbl 3. Was just really hoping to get a cohesion for the z and u axes. Kind of bummed here

Just got an email that my order has been shipped. So they are working!

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