Waiting for connection

Machine: K40;laser came with m2nano

Board: cohesion 3d laserboard

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Hello, I’m new to laser engraving and having some trouble. I have a K40 laser with a cohesion3D board and lightburn camera. I got everything working after a few days of trying to get camera aligned and calibrated and a gas strut gorilla glued to the frame to hold door open. anyways everything was working and engraved a cutting board and was happy with the results. today im trying to engrave on some slate coasters and lightburn wont connect with the board. i can hear the bleep sound when i connect the usb to my computer, ive also tried selecting the different ports that show under devices and none connect to it. it just shows"waiting for connection" under the console tab. ive also restarted my pc a couple times aswell as unplugging and plugging the board. any suggestions on fixing this?

Hi Ignacio,

Make sure you have your SD card firmly inserted into the board before powering on.

Did you do a LightBurn update before you started noticing the connection issue? A small percentage of users reported issues with a prior update of LightBurn, so make sure you have the latest version installed, which includes the latest patch. If you are not being prompted upon launching LightBurn, go to Help > Check for Updates to see if there is a new release. The prompt will look similar to the one below.


If you continue to have issues connecting, you may need to revert to a prior version until it gets fixed. You might want to report the issue to them and provide your OS version, as well as the version of LightBurn you are running.

If you want to revert to a previous version they are available here:

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