Voccell PRO43 Installation

Machine: Voccell PRO43 with a Leetro board, LaserCut 5.3 software ;(

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: Hi! I have a Voccell PRO43 laser cutter and am not a fan of the Leetro board or the software it runs. I want to switch it out for a LaserBoard to be able to use LightBurn but am unsure how to wire it as the PRO43 is not a K40 style laser.

If this info helps, the PRO43 has a 48"x36" bed size, and a 100W tube. Thanks for the help!

If you could post some nice clear pictures of all the wiring and connections, it will help us get a start on putting you in the right direction.

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A DSP such as Leetro would be using external stepper drivers - the LaserBoard can definitely control this and a lot more as long as you don’t mind doing additional wiring and configuring. As Cliff says, if you can post pics we can provide much more guidance and tell you exactly which parts you may need to order to do the job.

Sorry about the late reply. Here are some images of the inside of my laser!

I can only have one image per post bear with me…

So the simple answer is that there will be a non-trivial amount of wiring involved. I don’t have a simple adapter plate that would replace your Leetro terminal block for terminal block. I’d like to, but I don’t.

The fundamentals are very simple. Your external stepper drivers will connect directly to the LaserBoard using our cables like so:

You would need to connect the limit switches to the endstop headers on the board (this will involve some form of crimping/ adapting wires).
We have several different mechanisms for laser control and depending on how your Laser Power Supply is wired and whether you have a pot on the machine to control max power or not will dictate how we go about that.

I don’t see pics of your Laser PSU and front panel. If you can figure out how the LPSU connects to the Leetro DSP I’ll be ablet o confirm a few more things.

So it’s possible but will take some work.

If you’re going for it you should get from us:
LaserBoard, External Stepper Driver Cable Pack, a pack of crimp connectors, and a potentiometer to be safe.

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