VMOT led on Laserboard is only red

Machine: K40 with digital display

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie( what came on the SDcard)

Problem/ Question: I had been using the LaserBoard to perfection, and then the other day I go to turn it on and the VMOT LED is red and none of the other LEDs are on. I quickly unplugged it to see if it was a startup issue, issue still persisted. I ejected the SDcard on the LaserBoard to check if it was still working, and when I plugged it into the computer nothing came up. So I swapped the SDcard with a new one, but the board still didn’t switch on the other LEDs. At that point I unplugged everything from the board and let it sit for a couple of hours, and when I tried to turn it on later still the same issue. I’m not quite sure what to do from here, but I hope I can get some help thanks.

I can’t attach a photo at the moment, but when I can I’ll send it.

I’ve attached a photo of how everything is connected to it.

If there was nothing on the SD card it’s likely the contents got corrupted somehow. try reloading a fresh config file and firmware on it (or a new card) and try that …

There’s a guide here that should help you get up and running.

I thought the same thing, and I tried that. It still doesn’t fire up the other LEDs

Just an update I tried to follow the steps in a another post https://forum.cohesion3d.com/t/is-my-c3d-laserboard-a-doa/193 Here are the results of those tests:

24 V -> good(24.3V)
5V -> 1.1V
3.3V -> .1V

Continuity Test:
24V -> no sound
5V -> sound
3.3V -> no sound

Removed 5V jumper -> 1.1v
Jumper fully removed -> 0V
Moved jumper into green spot -> 0v

Thanks for doing the tests, give me a day or so and I’ll get back with what next steps will be. I have the email you originally sent.

Hi there Ray, just want to make sure you sent an email. I haven’t received anything yet, thanks

Thank you for your patience. We’ve sent you a new, tested, replacement board.

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