Viewing SD card via USB

Machine: K40

Laserboard running Smoothie

I would prefer not to have to pull out my SD card every time I want to update a GCODE file… which is often. I think I saw a comment on this forum that this ability has been disabled. I don’t remember if the reason was stated. In any case, I’d like to do this. Is there a way to re-enable?

I don’t think pictures are necessary to answer this question.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Gary,

Are you using LightBurn at all or solely working from the GLCD controller?

We typically only ask for pictures when you are new to the forum or if you modified something, so we can get an idea of the machine and all of the components you are working with. Since we are now familiar with your setup, you are correct, images are not necessary. :slight_smile:

I use LightBurn for setup mostly. O .ca I am satisfied I run file from SD. This frees up my laptop and prevent disconnects.

When I am satisfied…

Hi Gary,

We disabled this functionality to substantially improve performance. Windows / Mac OS would try to index the card, slowing down the job and crashing the entire board often, so we do not plan to enable this option again.

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But can I enable the function on my board? I can prevent Windows indexing.

We do not support this.

I hope that because of the above info, it is no longer necessary to answer this question.

Pleae consider this issue closed. Thx

UPDATE: Before closing this issue… the Smoothie website talks about using the network interface and web browser to access the SD card. They actually recommend this instead of USB for file transfer. Does the Cohesion boaard support this approach?


At one point in time C3D sold a network adapter for these boards (and I own one). It was discontinued due to reliability and stability concerns. The problem is that the network interface, if accessed during a job (even by an automatic refresh done behind the scenes by a web browser) would often crash the job and require a board reset to come back to life. Through many years of testing we’ve found direct USB to be the most reliable and stable method of getting good results with the fewest amount of problems.

If you choose to purchase a LAN8270 module/adapter for this and enable the functionality, be warned: you’re on your own :slight_smile:


Ok… I get the gist of this… while technically possible it is bound to cause issues. Too bad.

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