Using sd card in lcd

When i put a gcode on a sd card and put in lcd it shows the file name but nothing else and won’t run it. I have put firmware on sd card and if i put same card in smoothie board it will read it and play it fine. Am i doing something wrong? Is there a link to steps on using sd in lcd? Thanks for any help

I found this from Brian Bell.

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I see. Well it was a waste to purchase the glcd screen then in my opinion! Thanks for your reply.

You can put files on the SD Card that is in the board (and LaserBoard positions the socket in a more convenient location to access it in a typical K40 mounting scenario) and then run the files using the menu system on the GLCD.

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@Cohesion3D can i put GRBL on a Sd card and smoothie on another and just put whatever card in for which ever i wanna run? Thanks

Yes you can. As long as the control software (Eg. LightBurn) you’re using is set up for that.

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