Using Internal Seperate 24v power supply

Machine: 3040 50w CO2 with 24v 4a seperate power

Board: C3D LaserBoard

Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question:
My Machine has a 24v 4.0amp seperate power supply that is “seperate” from the Laser Power Supply. Could I just attach the power from this to the board “Seperate Power” as a power source.

There is a powered lift table and standard laser stuff. Nothing special.

While an existing 24v 4a power supply might work, it is introducing unknown variables in place of a combination we know works. For that reason it is not something we would recommend or support, and it’s why we include a separate power supply. If you have communications or stability issues with you laser the first thing we will tell you to do is to plug the power brick into its own outlet.

Thank you. The answer was yes, but unsupported. Sounds good.

Is the 24v line + or - ?

Wait, so let me get this straight. Pete said it wasn’t supported, yet you immediately ask for support?

Let’s break this down for a moment. You want to do something unsupported - which would be completely fine if you knew what you were doing - and then ask a question like this? If you lack the basic knowledge to connect this to external power properly, perhaps you should stick to the supported methods and just use the power brick/barrel jack until you understand what’s going on a bit better. Start easy - get it working first, then look at how to modify it to better suit your needs. I think you’ll find you’ll have much better success that way.

To paraphrase what Pete and loather have said, we don’t want you to fry your board because you wired it wrong. The power brick only goes in one way and has a low risk of reverse polarity.

If you try to hook up the other power supply to the board’s screw terminals, and get that wrong, you fry the board and now have a $200 coaster.

So yeah, with respect, if you have to ask, maybe you shouldn’t do it.

Thanks. That was a reasonable response that I would have given as well. My multimeter ran out of battery so couldn’t confirm. But Amazon just deliver batteries earlier today and everything is fine now. 24v line is +, and GND is -.

Wired in to seperate power and it’s running beautifully. Have the brick there as well in case I need to call in for support. But for now, it’s a cleaner install from seperate power. 18ga over 1 ft. Sufficient amp load capacity.

Next up is a 5v relay for the air pump.

If anyone knows what to do about automating the water pump, a hint would be nice.

Board seems well equipped - just limited documentation.

What do you feel is missing?

You could possibly use a similar concept as controlling exhaust here for your water pump:

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