Using a telescope collimater

I put a method on reddit. I found out I can’t add photos to show what I did. I may post photos here if you don’t mind. The other option is thingiverse. Either way II’ll post links on reddit if there is any interest.

Looks interesting. More details please?

I did it as proof of concept. I like to tinker. I’m just wondering if it was already done or if it was even useful. Basically I adjust the head mirror and the moving mirror so the beam going through the big hole to the laser compartment doesn’t move when I move the head around. The collimater just makes sure the laser beam path is the exact reverse of the the red beam. It turned out the two beams were exactly parallels and slightly separated if the red beam doesn’t hit the center of the mirror in the laser. I moved the laser using adjustable mounts keeping it parallel to the red beam and making it centered on the red beam. It kind of answers the question of why you need adjustable mounts to make the laser beam centered in the air assist hole and vertical, I’m guessing. I may put the printed parts I made on thingiverse, but you are the only person that seems interested. The current method of adjusting the mirrors is good enough. My goal was to make very accurate solder templates.

he’s not the only one interested. sign me up :slight_smile:

It’s just a curiosity. I threw it out there as food for thought. Maybe someone will come with a better way.