Usind a rotary on the Z connector

Machine: _K40

Board: _Cohesion3D

Firmware: _Smoothie

I have a rotary connected to the Z connector (I had problems using the A connector - motor was “jumping” and seemed to lose connection, Z works fine after modifying the config to swap all the delta_* values for the corresponding values found in gamma_*)
My problem is - when I change the speed in Lightburn (cuts and layers) it only affects the X direction not the speed of the rotary (the new “Y” direction) How can I get the speed detting to work correctly on both?

This is part of the config:-

Stepper module pins ( ports, and pin numbers, appending “!” to the number will invert a pin )

alpha_step_pin 2.0 # Pin for alpha stepper step signal
alpha_dir_pin 0.5 # Pin for alpha stepper direction
alpha_en_pin 0.4 # Pin for alpha enable pin
alpha_current 0.8 # X stepper motor current
alpha_max_rate 24000.0 # mm/min
alpha_acceleration 1000 # mm/sec²

beta_step_pin 2.1 # Pin for beta stepper step signal
beta_dir_pin 0.11 # Pin for beta stepper direction
beta_en_pin 0.10 # Pin for beta enable
beta_current 0.8 # Y stepper motor current
beta_max_rate 24000.0 # mm/min
beta_acceleration 1000 # mm/sec²

gamma_step_pin 2.3 # Pin for gamma stepper step signal
gamma_dir_pin 0.22 # Pin for gamma stepper direction
gamma_en_pin 0.21 # Pin for gamma enable
gamma_current 0.8 # Z stepper motor current
gamma_max_rate 24000.0 # mm/min
gamma_acceleration 1000 # mm/sec²

A axis

delta_steps_per_mm 8.88 # may be steps per degree for example
delta_step_pin 2.2 # Pin for delta stepper step signal
delta_dir_pin 0.20! # Pin for delta stepper direction
delta_en_pin 0.19 # Pin for delta enable
delta_current 0.8 # Z stepper motor current
delta_max_rate 3000 # mm/min
delta_acceleration 500 # mm/sec²

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