USB Stopped responding

Machine: homegrown
Board: laserboard
Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: So everything was working fine, until one day I plugged my PC in and the USB would not connect. windows says the connected device malfunctioned or something to that effect, and Linux says that it could not enumerate the device. I use a USB extension to eliminate strain on the board, so I eliminated that cable and plugged another known good USB cable directly in to that board, with no improvement. The rest of the boards functions appear to be working fine, just no USB connectivity. Any thoughts? I just purchased this board a few weeks ago, so it shouldnt be worn out.

Since it seems to be a board problem, and unrelated to anything I did, I would like to return the board somehow. I had filed a support case last week but I haven’t gotten any response.

Hi Hans,

We ask that you post the forum so that we can help debug - thank you for doing this.

Can you please provide pictures of your board, machine, and wiring?

Please confirm what each LED in the stack is doing when you power up the board.

Finally, please try putting the SD card into a computer and see if the card is recognized and you have a firmware and config file on there.

As I mentioned, the board works, with the exception of the USB port.IMG_20190830_142445879|666x500

Is there any further information you need?

Am I on my own here?

Hi Hans,

Please note that it was a holiday long weekend from Saturday - Monday, and we are now working on answering the support inquiries from those days.

It looks like the first image you attached did not go through, and it is difficult to understand your setup from the remaining images.

With words, can you please confirm what each LED in the stack is doing? There is the red LED, it is on, then in the stack there are green leds L1 - L4 and the 3v3 one. I need you to confirm what each one is doing.

And please provide the result of this other thing I also asked for.

Your issue is not a failure mode of the board I am familiar with, which is why I am asking for these details, so that I can understand your setup as best I can and assist you.

I’ve added a better picture. The topmost light is solid green, the bottom most light is solid red. The light below the top light is blinking green. The light above the red light is red. The light above that light is solid green. The light above that solid green light is off.

The config file and binary on the card are fine. Windows is less than helpful in describing the problem with the USB, so I have included the dmesg output from Ubuntu when I connect my card

Any thoughts? any help would be greatly appreciated. :grin:

it seems like with this unfamiliar failure mode you would be a bit more interested in getting to the bottom of it. I paid 199 dollars for a smoothie board so I would have some support. I have had the support case open for 2 weeks. I have been posting here for 9 days and have only managed to elicit two responses, one of which pointed out that it was a three day weekend. I have explained that the board boots, jogs the machine from the LCD, and that USB will not connect after trying multiple PC’s and Known Good USB cables. I really cant imagine what other information I could provide that would be helpful, but if there is, please let me know and I would be happy to provide it.

As a final test, please try to reflash the SD Card with the stock files, possibly also reformatting the card FAT32 first, and trying a different SD card if you have one around. I’m just trying to rule out a problem with the SD Card as a final measure.

It was not at all my intention to leave you hanging and I fully intend to provide a resolution.

I’m not a fan of making excuses, but here’s a little bit of context:

The long weekend did help me with a much needed unwinding a little bit, but the new rotary we released has kept me busy the past week. Switching mindset between engineering, shipping packages, building product, and answering support inquiries isn’t easy and response times have suffered as a result.

Also, C3D is a one man show: About Us & Expectations [IMPORTANT]

Again, not trying to make excuses. Please accept my apologies for the issues you are having and delays in support.

I formatted a new card and put the stock firmware and config on it. Same result, card boots up fine, no usb connectivity with a known good cable and 2 different pc’s.

I am sorry if I came off harsh, but I did not realize this was just a Hobby. The website is slick, and the “about us” post is not featured on the sales site at all. It doesn’t appear to be featured prominently on the front page of your forum either. Also I think there is a pretty big difference between “your stupid question will be answered in a less than timely fashion on the forum” and “My board is @#$^'d and i cant get in touch with anyone to make it right.” I totally appreciate and applaud that its a DIY operation, and It seems like a decent piece of kit, but I probably wouldn’t have bought it had I totally understood the situation.

Hi Hans,

Thank you for the test results. I will test and ship you a replacement board right away.

To clarify, C3D is my full time gig that puts food on the table, with “one man show” meaning it is me and no employees. As I said, the last week was very busy from the new product launch and workong on getting caught up on everything now.

Best regards,

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