USB showing up as DEADC0DE?

Machine: K40

Cohesion3D Mini Laser

Firmware: GRBL

Problem/ Question:

Something weird has happened, my laser has been working fine for months so this isnt a recent conversion and im sure the wiring etc is fine.

When i connect the cohesion 3d to my laptop (osx) it is not working properly. Oddly the serial number shows up as “DEADC0DE”

I have tried with 2 macs and both get the same serial and the laser wont connect or function?

Far as im aware nothing has been changed it just stop working all of a sudden. Googling reveals nothing at all useful. Can anybody help?

Can you put the memory card in your computer and verify that the card can be seen and there is a firmware and config file on it?

Please also provide pictures of your board, machine, and wiring.

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