USB error connecting win10 PC to laser board

Machine: _Upgraded CMA-535

Board: _C3D laser board

Firmware: Smoothie “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with” is also a great answer!

I’m having trouble connecting to my laser board through USB. I’m using the same laptop I’ve always use. Same USB port, Same usb cable. I’m getting an error message “The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned. And Windows does not recognize it.” I have also tried another laptop and received the same message. I have changed USB cables along with tried different ports. Not sure if this is a windows issue or a laser board Issue. Thanks in advance. Eric

Hi Eric, thanks for trying different USB cables, ports, and computers. Let’s see what else we can find out.

First, can you think of anything in your setup that has changed recently? Have you redone any wiring, or addied any new connections to the LaserBoard or your laser? Swapped out anything?

Next, can you check on the status of the LED lights on the board when you start up? The page linked below will show you what we are looking for. Let us know if your LED sequence matches one on the page.

Finally, If you could post photos of your board and wiring running to it, that would be helpful. (Photos should show the board as it is now. Don’t unplug anything yet.)

Let’s start with those things and hopefully something will emerge once we have more information.

Thank you responding.
So nothing has changed as far as the wiring goes. I have upgraded some hardware (Chiller). No new connection to the board.
So the LEDS status is normal VMOT red, 3V3 green, L4 Solid green, L3 Flashing green, L2 Flashing green, L1 Solid green.

I did load new version of smoothie and config file, after I posted to see if that might be the issue. That did not fix it…

Here are some photos of the wiring.

I’ve tried a few other Windows 10 driven troubleshooting ideas. Found here USB fixes
None of these have fixed the issue.
I’m feeling the board is the issue. If someone has any other ideas I would appreciate it. Not sure what to do…


Hi Eric, glad to hear the LED status lights are showing normal operation.

Have you tried to unplug everything from the board except for the USB cable? Power down everything, unplug all connectors (best to label them first if needed) and then plug in just the USB cable and see how the computer reacts? Try that without the power supply plugged in first, then with the power supply plugged in.

Also, it appears as though you’ve got a GLCD installed. Does the board operate properly using the GLCD?

Pete, I have disconnected all cables going to the board, removed the board from the laser unit and tried to connect only the USB and power. Still won’t connect.
The GLCD display works the only issue I have found is it won’t let me scroll. ie. push the knob to access the menu then rotate the knob to scroll, the selector doesn’t move. It eventually times out and returns to the main screen. The GLCD has done this from when I first installed it. It really hasn’t bothered me.

This is not a failure mode I have seen before, and the once or twice something similar has come up, it started working again after some prodding.

Can you try using a new SD Card? The latest stock files are now updated and located here:

That’s also a concern, we should look into that.

Ray thanks for responding, I just tried a new SD card, with the new firmware from the link you posted. Still not connecting. The only card I had was a mini SD 32g with a larger card reader. Hope that still works the same.

If you copied the file firmware.bin to the SD card, then inserted into the LaserBoard, it should have renamed the file to FIRMWARE.CUR after the firmware got flashed to the LaserBoard.

You can check that this worked properly by putting the SD card in a computer again. You should see FIRMWARE.CUR instead of firmware.bin.

Firmware looks okay. Thanks Pete

So what’s the next steps? I need to get my laser back on line. I have orders waiting.

I’m really not sure what else to try. Please fill out the contact form on our website so we can discuss a resolution over email.

I filled the contact form out. Referenced the title of this conversation.

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