Upgrading from M2 Nano (digital) to C3D. I added an analog meter though

I have a K40 with the digital version of the M23 Nano. But I’d like to get a C3D upgrade.

The installation of the C3D looks pretty straight forward, but before buying, my main concern is adding the rotary pot to adjust the output wattage. The digital Nano that I have just has a digital display and 6 buttons (3+ and 3-) to adjust the power.

I have an analog meter that I’ll use, But I need to add a pot to adjust the power level. Making a new panel is no problem. I just need to know what type of pot to buy. (size/rating. etc.) Once I get the right part, I need to know how to wire it.

Thanks so much for any input. I’m looking forward to buying the C3D board!

This is the pot I have in my machine.

Thanks, it looks like that will work. I think I’m gonna order a board and pot tomorrow. I’m sure wiring it isn’t too hard. I want to get rid of the digital display all together.

This is the article you need to read:

The M2Nano is the same, just some machines comes with a digital panel instead of a pot. You would only swap out the M2Nano (the digital panel is sending the power level signal to the LPSU, not the M2Nano) and leave the digital panel alone.

You should install an mA meter regardless.

On a completely separate note, you can replace the digital panel with a pot because it is better, as explained in that article. You should replace one thing at a time, not all at once.

Linked above is indeed the pot we sell, and we have these cool knobs for it here, I’ll try to get those listed on the web store shortly.

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