Upgrade license on lightburn

I bought a board for my K40 and the lightburn software.I haven’t used it in a while and now it says the upgrade time has expired.
Is the license only good for a year?
The upgrade is $30 but the lightburn wouldn’t let me log on to upgrade.
Will I have to purchase the full $60 version again?
When I bought it,it was$40 with the board.
I quit using my K40 because the cohesion board didn’t work with my laser.I had to rewire it to use another output.
I got frustrated when I couldn’t get a replacement board as the optical isolator output wouldn’t work properly.

As I understand it (went thru this a bit myself) Lightburn is a one time purchase. The upgrades aren’t mandatory and you can still use it but you won’t receive the latest updates. If you’re happy with it as is, just keep on using it.
If you want the update (current is 1.2.00) just email them. They’ve always worked with me very well.

That’s correct - you can pay for the license once and get upgrades for a year. At the end of that year, you’re locked to the latest version you upgraded to, but the software will continue to function with all functionality in perpetuity. To gain access to additional upgrades, you can renew your license.

Your current license key was emailed to you when you originally bought the software, so either look for that email or go to Help -> License Management and you should be able to get the key that way.

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