Updating an old cohesion mini while adding a rotary

Machine: K40

Board: Cohesion mini

Firmware: Smoothie firmware from 2017

Problem/ Question: I have been using my Cohesion Mini board since 2017 and really like it. I still have the original firmware and was assuming there is newer out there, but couldn’t find it. I also am in the middle of adding a 3d printed rotary. I wanted to make the changes to the firmware to utalize port A, but am not sure how to go about it…

It’s going to be a bit mix and match, to skip ahead a little bit, read this post first:

You’ll need a stepper driver of some sort for the A port, that can go one of several ways.

Thanks for the help! I have it up and working now.

Well that was quick.

Yeah the link to the thread you shared helped me with the config file modifications. I already had the hardware installed and was able to find the new software in the link.

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