Unusual power connector, cannot connect to Cohesion3D board

Machine: 50W 40x40cm machine

Board: M2nano red to Cohesion3D

Firmware: Lightburn

Problem/ Question: I can see there is this strange 4pin connector on both Cohesion3D board and laser power supply. For now, its connected with only two cables to the m2 nano as seen on pictures. Where do i get this 4 pin power connection cable? Can i buy it somewhere?

Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/lkexmI7

Hi Damian,

The wires in the 2 pin cable (TL / LO and Gnd) located at the top right will need to be connected to the screw terminals on the C3D, which are the Laser Fire and Laser Gnd respectively. You can ignore the 24V and GND 4 pin connector since LaserBoard has its own power supply for the board.


This page covering the 6 Pin Laser Power Connector will show where to connect them at the bottom of the link.

Since your machine is larger, please also view our Cohesion3D LaserBoard Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide for more information to get your machine dialed in properly after the board is installed.

If you need additional guidance, I have upgraded your user level to allow you to post more photos. Please trace the wires back to the laser power supply and provide additional images of your machine and wiring.

Are the screw terminals and power connector parallel with the functionality? So I dont need to use the Power Plug?

@edit How do I find technical datasheet of this board or at least port/connection description? I cannot find it :confused:

Hi Damian,

Correct, you will not need to connect the large power plug to the C3D board. Just connect the 2 wires at the top right to the board to screw terminals on the LaserBoard to the respective laser fire and ground. All else appears standard.

For board layout: Laserboard pinout or simplified schematic

Out of curiosity, what type of limit switches / endstops does your machine have? A picture would be helpful.

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