Universal ULS-25 want to Gut and mod

I have a K40 that has been working well for me and was going to upgrade it to the cohesion board. Then I inherited a working Universal ULS-25 Laser that actually works but has an air cooled 25watt laser and uses an old printer connection. This thing is large and very well built compared to my K40 and has a nice big motorized table in it.

I want to gut the Air Cool and install a 60Watt Water Cool tube and mod it with a cohesion and use lightburn

A company make an upgrade but way to pricey for what I want to do. The air cooled laser tube system is also very, very pricey and the tube needs recharged.

I am putting together a parts list. Im thinking Cohesion board, stepper driver upgrade board, good power supply. (Some of what is in the ULS may be repurposed)

I will get the tube, new power supply for the tube etc installed.

Has anyone done a mod similar to this? I am retired and have an EE degree. I do repairs and upgrades on other stuff all the time and am good with High Voltage and circuitry.

Anyone gutted a large laser like this and modded it?

I have not gutted mine, but I did buy and install the Laserboard controller from C3D. I cannot recommend it at this time. The founder and manager of this site seems to be missing in action. Ray has not responded to anyone in a long time.
I have a recommendation if you are interested. I ordered a replacement board last Thursday. I have hear so many good things about it. Send me a message if you are interested.

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