Universal laser

(Dan) #1

I have a 30w Universal laser that the control has gone dark.
Has anybody tried the Cohesion board on this type of machine?


Hi Dan,

I believe the Universal Laser uses a substantially different control system than anything we support.

Out of curiosity, I would be interested in seeing pictures of your machine and the electronics in there.

(Brian Bell) #3

I had a uls 25e i got for $60 that suffered from that same condition. I cleaned and adjusted the contrast adjustment pot and it worked fine after that. Have you checked the contrast adj?

(Dan) #4

I’m thinking that if we just take out all of the control and replace it with Cohesion.
Its just running steppers and the machine is a bit on the old side so I don’t mind taking it apart and hoping for the best.
Pictures: I’ll try to do some in the next couple of days.
This may work better …
Thank you for your fast response.

(Dan) #5

I have not but will.
Thank you for the suggestion


I skimmed through the guide - maybe there is hope after all. The pictures will help substantially.

With the more modern machines from Epilog and ULS we are used to seeing RF Excited Tubes (Brian knows the correct term for what I mean), and closed loop motor systems with encoder strips. That’s super proprietary and way outside our wheelhouse. I’d love to make and sell an aftermarket replacement Epilog motherboard for $600 or 700 instead of the $800 they ask, but it’s a bit outside my wheelhouse.

Fundamentally we want stepper motors, endstops, and a way to fire the laser. That’s all it takes.

(Dan) #7

Keep in mind this is a very old machine so some of the new stuff may not be in it.
If you think we can cobble together something that will make this old machine work I’m willing to try.
I’ll do pictures soon.


Yep, hence the “maybe there is hope after all.” :slight_smile:

(Dan) #9

Where are you? By chance near Baltimore, Md?


Northern NJ.

We do a trade show called East Coast RepRap Festival which is at APGFCU Arena in Bel Air, near Aberdeen. That’s going to be in October.

(Dan) #11

I have been to your site a few times now and would like to spend some money but I’m a little confused.
I want to order it ALL for a k40 laser I have on the way.
Question: can I run a rotating axis as well as a Y axis? Not substitute Rotate for the Y?
I would want X,Y,R (or rotate)
I would want cameras, controller, print soft ware, etc. how do I order this?
Can you make me a list of all you feel would be good for me and email it to me.
I’ll buy it.
I feel that when I have a chance to diddle with your equip. I’ll be better suited to try to attack the Universal laser.,


This is where you check all the boxes and hit add to cart:

This explains what each of those things means and provides a lot of the guidance that I hope you are looking for:

We have a dedicated A axis for Rotary and the compatibility is explained on both pages.

Once you have read both please feel free to follow up with any questions you still have.